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The Backstory of Tsuyoshi Kawabata Part 5: Transformation

“N-no…why…?” Tsuyoshi was mumbling as Eito paced back and forth, waiting for Hatzuku to wake up. “What do you mean WHY? You know EXACTLY why you’re here, you fickle bastard!” Eito yelled at Tsuyoshi before grinning even wider. Hatzuku suddenly woke up, and a look of horror went over his face when he saw the situation he was in. He screamed for help, but Eito just slapped him, “Your annoying cries will do nothing, this is a soundproof building!” Tsuyoshi struggled to get free before a tear dripped down his face, “Eito, I know you hate me, but this will solve nothing!” “It doesn’t matter,” Eito replied, “I’ll enjoy this either way!” Eito pulled two things out of his pocket: a huge syringe full of glowing red liquid, and a pair of unusually large scissors. “Let’s start with, what was his name? Did you say Hatzuku?” Eito said, tapping his syringe. Tsuyoshi gulped, and Hatzuku screamed. Eito walked over to Hatzuku slowly before bending down to look at him in the eyes, then he stabbed the syringe into his left arm.

It took a few minutes before the liquid from the syringe had any effect, but when it did, it REALLY did. Hatzuku’s arm swelled up to twice its size in just a couple seconds. He was in shock as veins throughout his body popped up and a stabbing sensation went to his shoulders. The sensation became stronger and stronger until he let out a cry of agony, and only then did it finally stop. Then, his eyes began to burn like fire. They pulsed in pain until his scleras were black and his irises red. “HELP ME!” he screamed, but it was far too late. The stabbing sensation was back even stronger in his shoulders and upper back. Hatzuku finally spread out his black feathered wings to attempt to fly away, but just as he did, they started to disintegrate. A black and red liquid-and-gas-like substance shot up out of his back in their place. The new “wings” grew larger and larger until they were six feet long. After a moment, it appeared yet again that the syringe’s liquid had stopped taking effect, until Hatzuku felt it’s final result: a craving for human flesh unlike anything anyone had ever seen.

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