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The Backstory of Tsuyoshi Kawabata Part 4: Pain

The next day, Tsuyoshi was walking down an alley to get to the local grocery store. Everything had been as usual that day, until he heard something crash behind him. He turned around only to see a blur of a guy punching him in the face. He didn’t expect that at all, so he wasn’t able to fight the guy off. Suddenly, the man Tsuyoshi saved from getting his ass kicked yesterday, Hatzuku, appeared behind the guy and threw him off. Tsuyoshi yelled, “Hatzuku?! What are you doing here?!” Sadly, Hatzuku didn’t hear what he said because the guy had him knocked out stone-cold on the ground. The guy pulled his hoodie over his head and mumbled to Tsuyoshi, “Hey, old buddy, since when did you become a sucker for non-ghouls,” before kicking him and knocking him out.

Tsuyoshi woke up in what appeared to be someone’s old house, handcuffed to a chair. He looked around to see that Hatzuku was next to him, still unconscious. “So, you’re awake…” said a voice coming from the shadows around him. The source of the voice got closer until he was visible. The man who stood in front of him was short, dark-haired and dark-eyed. He had a familiar smirk on his face, and, for some reason, he gave off the aura of a pained psychopath. Tsuyoshi knew exactly who he was. He was Eito.

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