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The Backstory of Tsuyoshi Kawabata Part 3: Hatzuku

As Tsuyoshi grew older, however, he began to realize that what he was doing was wrong, and decided to stop fighting innocent people. His relationship with Eito fell apart. Eito, who was now hurting more than ever since his once-best-friend was gone, became more and more psychotic, which only drove away Tsuyoshi even more. Tsuyoshi, of course, made new friends, one of which Eito killed out of jealously, and that was the last straw for Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi declared Eito his enemy, and even had to get a restraining order put on him since he wouldn’t leave him alone. However, even after everything that has happened, Tsuyoshi still keeps a piece of his violent past in his heart.

Tsuyoshi suddenly snapped out of his reflection after hearing a terrible cry coming from his front yard. He ran outside to find what appeared to be a ghoul beating up a human. Even though this was usually a common sight where he lived, something just seemed off about it this time. He knocked the ghoul out in one punch, and walked over to the man he had beaten up. “Are you okay dude?” he asked casually. “Yeah, I guess I’m fine.” The man said, standing up and dusting off his clothes. When the man opened his eyes, it was obvious he wasn’t human. They were bright red, and after a moment, the man even extended a pair of pitch-black feathered wings. What was he? The man suddenly smiled and introduced himself, “I am Hatzuku Rumini, and I am probably quite unusual looking around here. I am a demon-angel hybrid, and I was just walking back to my apartment when you found me. Thank you for helping me out, that guy was quite scary. Is there anything I can do to return the favor?” Tsuyoshi shook his head, “I am Tsuyoshi Kawabata, and it was nothing. I deal with this kind of stuff all the time.” Hatzuku nodded. “Alright then. I live down the street in those apartments with the big windows. I’m usually outside walking the block, so if you need anything, feel free to ask,” Hatzuku said before walking away. Tsuyoshi was thinking, “Demon-angel hybrid? That’s…weird,” before he walked back inside to clean up his house.

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