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The Backstory of Tsuyoshi Kawabata Part 2: Eito

Two years later, Tsuyoshi’s mother committed suicide. His mother had been driven to insanity over the murder of her husband. She suffered those last two years in constant emotional numbness, and Tsuyoshi, who was eight at the time, became very depressed himself, as he never did understand what happened to his father. After Tsuyoshi woke up one day with his mother no where to be found, he panicked and searched everywhere for her, only to find a note with his name on it that read “Please don’t let this get to you. I want you to have a much happier life than I did. I want you to change how the world sees us. Become a champion. And above all things, enjoy your life, because it goes by faster than you could ever imagine.” Tsuyoshi cried all night, just trying to understand what he had done to deserve this.

When Tsuyoshi was thirteen, he was known as a menace to his entire neighborhood, even by other ghouls. Over time, he had become extremely erratic. Even though it was considered normal for ghouls to hunt and eat people, he didn’t just hunt them, he would torture the life out of them. There was nothing he loved more than torturing a pitiful human alongside his best friend, Eito Gushiken. Eito was a somewhat short, dark-haired and dark-eyed boy who lived nearby. Tsuyoshi met Eito while chasing down a victim. When they met, Eito had just been hunting a couple of kids who trespassed on his hunting territory. Tsuyoshi and Eito became instant friends due to their shared love of violence, and would gang up on innocent people just to hurt them. It seemed like nothing could separate them.

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The next day, Tsuyoshi was walking down an alley to get to the local grocery store. Everything had been as usual that day, until he heard something crash behind him. He turned around only to see a blu

As Tsuyoshi grew older, however, he began to realize that what he was doing was wrong, and decided to stop fighting innocent people. His relationship with Eito fell apart. Eito, who was now hurting mo

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