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The Backstory of Tsuyoshi Kawabata Part 1: Reflection

Tsuyoshi sighed as he walked down the road to his now-broken-down house. He stared at the graffitied walls, and the broken windows. He walked in to see his most precious belonging: the only picture he had of him and his family together. Seeing it brought back his favorite memories. He missed the times when he was just a kid, when his parents would read him to sleep, or play with him, even. He missed asking them if his friends could come over, or if he could get a new videogame he had been wanting. He just missed when they were alive.

He picked up the picture and cried as he remembered how the dread in his heart came about. When he was a mere six-year-old, his father was murdered by a terrible organization: The Commission of Counter Ghoul, or CCG. You see, Tsuyoshi and his family were not exactly like your average family. They were ghouls. A ghoul is a humanoid creature that, at first glance, seems no different from a human. I mean, they really aren’t that different at all. Except that their only source of food is human flesh. A ghoul is a hunted creature, a being that no one likes. Tsuyoshi and his family had to hide from society just to stay alive. They were given no rights, not even to live freely. The CCG hunted down Tsuyoshi’s father immediately after finding out he was a ghoul, killing him in front of Tsuyoshi’s mother. Tsuyoshi’s father was never given a proper funeral, as his body was torn apart and used to create ghoul-countering weapons.

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