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I'm Writing a Story!

Hello everyone! I am announcing right now that I am writing a story with the help of my great friend, Kari-Anne! I will be posting two paragraphs at a time on this blog, each pair of paragraphs will be in their own post! The name of the story is just "The Backstory of Tsuyoshi Kawabata," and each part will have its own short title. If you didn't already know who Tsuyoshi Kawabata is, he is one of my original characters. I will be posting the first two paragraphs today! I hope you like them!

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The next day, Tsuyoshi was walking down an alley to get to the local grocery store. Everything had been as usual that day, until he heard something crash behind him. He turned around only to see a blu

As Tsuyoshi grew older, however, he began to realize that what he was doing was wrong, and decided to stop fighting innocent people. His relationship with Eito fell apart. Eito, who was now hurting mo

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