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I recently ordered a shipment of five baby chicks from Meyer Hatchery (I really recommend ordering from them, their site is, and while I was worried to pieces about their safety, they all arrived happy and in excellent condition!

After picking up the box from my local post office, I nervously opened it up to see five delightful, peeping chicks inside. I promptly took each one carefully out of the box and placed them in their newly set up brooder. (I wrote an article where I describe how to set up a chick brooder, you can find it here:

After getting each chick out of the box, I carefully looked at them and started to decide what to name each one. Below, I will post pictures of each of them, their names, their breeds, and their other traits:

MIKASA (Easter Egger)

Mikasa may be the smallest chick in the flock, but trust me, she's not a pushover. She is a rapidly-growing, healthy little girl, and if anyone tries to mess with her, she'll peck them right back!

RAZZLE (Gold Laced Wyandotte)

Razzle, the apparent twin of Dazzle, is a quirky little chick, with a love of sleeping near or half-in the water dish. (But don't worry, she dries off quickly!)

DAZZLE (Gold Laced Wyandotte)

Dazzle, the apparent twin of Razzle, is a strong-but-sweet little chick. She is always the first chick to eat, but she is not mean to the others.

SASHA (Speckled Sussex)

Sasha has earned a reputation as "Sasha the Sassy," simply because she's the feistiest chick I have ever seen. She does not put up with annoying siblings.

ARMINA (Green Queen)

Being the shyest chick, she can sometimes struggle to get along with the others, but she won't let that bring her down. Armina is actually the biggest chick in the group!

After naming each one, I observed them for a while to make sure they were healthy, and they were.

I will update this blog with pics of them on September 2. Stay tuned!

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