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Cosplay Tutorial: How to Easily Make Kaneki Ken's Kagune

The reason I am writing this tutorial is because, even after quite a long time of research, I couldn't find an easy way to make Kaneki Ken's kagune. While there are some ways that may look more accurate (such as some with fake scales), this was MUCH easier for me and still has a good look to it.


- 7, 8 or 9 mm gauge wire (best is 8)

- Wire cutters

- Poly Fil (stuffed animal stuffing)

- Red faux fur

- Thread

- Needle

- A shirt/top (I will explain why later) (optional)

NOTE: For this tutorial, you will need at least beginner's knowledge of sewing.

STEP ONE: Making the wire frame

The first step in this project is making the wire frame. The wire frame supports the basic shape of the four kagune tentacles. In order to make the frame, you will need a few different lengths of wire. First, take a piece of wire that fits around your waist and bend the ends so that they will hook around you like a belt (See below):

(Above is the full belt)

(Above is the belt when hooked.)

Make sure that it is tight enough to not slide down but also not so tight that it hurts you. Second, take one long piece of wire (or multiple medium-length pieces) and bend them into an X shape as shown below:

(Above is the X shaped structure with two fabric tentacles removed.)

Next, take one more medium-length piece of wire and use it to connect the belt wire to the frame wire (loop the wire through the frame and wrap it around the belt to connect them). Finally, test the wire frame/harness to make sure it fits, is comfortable, and is stiff enough to hold up the kagune.

STEP TWO: Sewing the fur

After you have completed the wire frame, it is time to start making the outer parts of the kagune. Start by cutting out four pieces of fur, each roughly the same length as the wire it's attached to (attach them to the four arms of the X), and about 7 inches wide. Once you have cut out the fur, it's time to sew it! (NOTE: I recommend hand-sewing, but machine will work too. Also, sew it inside-out and then flip it.) Sew it together on the long side and on one end, and leave the other end open. (Do this on all four pieces.) (See below for pics):

(Above is what one finished tentacle should look like.)

Once each piece is sewn, flip them outside-out and move on to step three.

STEP THREE: Stuffing the fur

After sewing, you need to add some Poly Fil to the inside of the kagune to add some stability. Stuff about three handfuls of Poly Fil into each tentacle (this might vary depending on how long the tentacles are, but this is an estimate). (See below for pics):

(Above is stuffed tentacle.)

After making sure that each tentacle has at least a little bit more sturdiness, move on to step four. (See video below):

(Above is sturdiness test.)

STEP FOUR: Attaching the fur to the wire

Attaching the fur to the wire is simple: Just slide the tentacles over the wire (don't slide any fur over the belt part, only the cross/X shaped part). If the tentacles are too loose, simply add more Poly Fil to them. Once you finish this step, you are pretty much done with the kagune! (See below for pics):

(Above is nearly completed outfit.)

All that's left is posing the tentacles how you want them and attaching it to an outfit, which I will explain in the optional step below.

STEP FIVE (Optional): Attaching the kagune to an outfit

The way I attached the kagune to an outfit is by cutting four holes in the back of a hoodie, pulling the tentacles through, and putting the wire belt inside of it. When I put it on, I just slide the hoodie over my head, hook the belt from the inside, and put my arms through the sleeves. That's it! (See below for finished pics):

(Above is completed outfit!)

Once you complete your outfit, feel free to send me pics of it and I'll promote you on my Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt, or blog (you choose)! I would love to see everyone's version of this! Also, I hope this was helpful, thanks for reading!

(All photos and text are by me, do not steal.)

(Kaneki Ken belongs to Sui Ishida, not me.)

(If you have any questions, please comment below!)

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