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Backstories of My Art & Characters I: Tsuyoshi Kawabata

My first drawing of Tsuyoshi.

As an artist, creating characters and coming up with backstories for them is 100% my cup of tea. However, I rarely share the backstories of my precious characters with the public. This will be my first time sharing these stories, and I will start will one of my more recent characters, Tsuyoshi Kawabata, who is pictured above.

Tsuyoshi Kawabata is a 24-year-old bikaku ghoul who comes from a pretty tragic background. When he was just 6 years old, his father, Hiroaki Kawabata, was killed by the CCG. This led his mother, Ayaka Kawabata, into a state of insanity. When he was 8 years old, his mother committed suicide, leaving nothing behind but his home and a note that read "Please don't let this get to you. I want you to have a much happier life than I did. I want you to change how the world sees us. Become a champion. And above all things, enjoy your life, because it goes by faster than you could ever imagine."

When Tsuyoshi became a teenager, still living alone at his now broken-down home, he became extremely erratic. As a ghoul, it was considered normal to eat humans, but he didn't just eat them. He tortured them, alongside his best friend Eito Gushiken, a dark-haired dark-eyed boy who lived nearby. Tsuyoshi met Eito while chasing down a victim. Eito had been hunting down a couple of kids from his school that trespassed on his hunting territory. Tsuyoshi and Eito became instant friends due to their shared love of violence at the time. It seemed like nothing could separate them.

As Tsuyoshi grew older, however, he realized that what he had been doing was wrong, and decided to never fight innocent people again. This caused his relationship with Eito to fall apart. Eito became more and more psychotic, and Tsuyoshi was driven away. Tsuyoshi eventually became enemies of Eito after Eito killed one of his new friends out of jealously. However, even though Tsuyoshi keeps a far distance from Eito and his violence, still has a bit of anger growing inside of him.

And that's his backstory. I was originally inspired to create Tsuyoshi for a 'ship I was doing with another character, but once I began to create him, I started to really relate to him more. I then created a dramatic backstory, giving him more than just good looks, but also a personality. Here are some other facts about Tsuyoshi that you might like to know:

  1. He is 6'4"

  2. He weighs 177 lbs and is very muscular, but somewhat thin.

  3. His normal eye color is green

  4. He is originally from Tokyo, Japan but moved later on to Kyoto.

  5. His favorite color is pink.

  6. He works as a visual artist (who designs clothing) alongside one of my other characters, Kazuhiro Tokage (his boyfriend), who sews and makes the clothing.

  7. He is an Atheist

  8. He is obsessed with coffee

So that's the backstory and details of Tsuyoshi Kawabata. If you are interested in hearing more about my characters please subscribe below with your name and email. Also, please feel free to email me about any questions or requests for my art or writing you may have, and I'll try my best to quickly respond!

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